Interior BC Quakers – August 2022 Events

Friday August 5 – Saturday August 6

Pre-CYM Retreat – Supporting One Another in Faithfulness, with Marcelle Martin (online)

Sunday August 7 – Saturday August 13

Canadian Yearly Meeting in-session – online

See for more details on the schedule and registration for the gathering and retreat. There are a variety of offerings planned, including Worship Sharing, Bible Study, Children’s program, a young Friend panel discussion, daily Meeting for Worship, Meetings for Worship with Attention to Business, and many Special Interest Groups on a variety of topics.

Sunday, August 7

8 am – CYM Meeting for Worship online

Attend a Meeting for Worship with Friends across Canada – link will be posted at CYM registration not required in order to attend.

10am – IBCMM Meeting for Worship on Zoom

Meeting will open at 10 and last one hour. There will be time for the sharing of joys and sorrows following the time of worship.

11:30am – Sunderland P Gardner Lecture, online 

Join Friends across Canada for this annual lecture. This year JoLee Sasakamoose will present  “Guided by Ancestors: Integrating Ojibwe Teachings with Quaker Testimony for Social Action”. (Link will be posted at – no need to register for CYM).

Sunday, August 14

10am – Meeting for Worship on Zoom

Sunday, August 21

10am – Meeting for Worship on Zoom

Sunday, August 28

10am – Meeting for Worship on Zoom 

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