Interior BC Monthly Meeting – March 2022 Events


Wednesday, March 2, 7:30-8:30pm – Worship sharing. Everyone is welcome to attend this worship sharing group. This month Sarah Chandler will be leading and offering a topic for consideration. If anyone is interested in taking a turn at leading Worship Sharing, please let M&C know and we will set up a time.

Thursday, March 3, @ 7:30pm – IBCMM Parent’s Group on Zoom.

Saturday, March 5, 9:30-11:30am – Beloved Community retreat completion. This will be the second and final of the two Saturday Zoom events where we complete the exercises begun in the fall retreat drawn from Ben Pink Dandelion’s Swathmore Lecture.

Sunday, March 6 @ 10am – Meeting for Worship on Zoom. Meeting will open at 10 and last one hour, if you prefer a shorter online time, you may join later. There will be time for the sharing of joys and sorrows following the time of worship.

Sunday, March 6, 7-9(ish) – Quaker Movie Night. Donna Henningson will again host a BYOP movie night (that’s Bring Your Own Popcorn). Donna will share the short video “Domes and Drones by Jon Watts as an introduction and then the feature will be “conflict in Quaker Meetings: Crisis or Opportunity?” (a recording of a 2015 meeting of the New York Yearly Meeting. There will be time for discussion of these videos.

Sunday, March 13 @ 10am – Meeting for Worship. In person meeting will occur this month! Held at John Howard in Kelowna (map) meeting will begin at 10 and there will be a Friend at the door to facilitate entry. The Zoom link will be available and the in person meeting will be online. Vaccination and masks are both required for attendance. There will be time for sharing after Meeting, but food will not be shared.

Sunday, March 13 @ 1pm – Witness Blanket outing. Several Friends plan to attend the Witness Blanket exhibition at the Kelowna Art Gallery (map).  This event follows closely on Meeting for Worship and some Friends may walk to the Gallery from John Howard weather and time permitting, however all are welcome to join these Friends.

Tuesday, March 15: deadline for State of Society responses. There is an attached document that contains the Queries offered by CYM for this year’s State of Society report. This report is due at the end of March. M&C is requesting input from all on these questions be sent by March 15 so that a draft can be presented for review at the next meeting for worship for business in March. We look forward to receiving your thoughts for inclusion in this report.

Thursday, March 17 @ 7:30pm- IBCMM Parent’s group on Zoom.

Saturday, March 19 @ 9am – Hope as a Practice. Hosted jointly by SYM and the Woodbrooke Quaker Learning Institute in the UK this will be the first of two workshops on this topic (the second is schedule for April 2). This link will connect you to the registration page (registration is required and there is a cost) and provides more information. Graeme has also circulated an email regarding this event that has more details.

Sunday, March 27 @ 10am – Meeting for Worship on Zoom. Meeting will open at 10 and last one hour, if you prefer a shorter online time, you may join later. There will be time for sharing following the time of worship.

Sunday, February 27 @ 11:30am: Meeting for Worship for Business will be held on Zoom after Meeting for Worship. Graeme will circulate the agenda in the week prior.

Links that may be of interest:

CYM Faith and Practice: this page has links for acquiring your own copy of Faith and Practice and has excerpts from CYM’s Faith & Practice. This book is a designed to support spiritual growth for Canadian Quakers.

CYM Organization and Procedure: this page has a link for downloading O&P and a detailed chapter list that will provide insight into those contents. This is the guide to structure and process in CYM.

Link to Quaker Faith and Practice, 5th Edition, Britain Yearly Meeting (which used to be the Faith and Practice used by CYM) online in full:  

Link to Quaker business document access

CYM Newsletter: this page has a link for subscribing to the CYM e-newsletter




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